Scattering Engineering

Plasmonic CloakThe unusual electromagnetic response of structured metamaterials, combined with the strong resonant effects and field enhancement enabled by plasmonics, represents a particularly appealing avenue of research for scattering and radiation engineering. Based on these concepts, I have been actively investigating to what extent we can control and engineer the scattering of individual sub-wavelength nanoparticles, which are one of the fundamental building blocks of optical metamaterials and nanophotonics. In particular, my work has shown that composite plasmonic-dielectric nanoparticles represent an ideal platform to realize invisibility effects, resonant scattering and light trapping, which are among the most intriguing optical phenomena. Furthermore, I have studied how these seemingly unrelated effects are tightly connected and can be combined to obtain even more striking scattering anomalies, including multiple ultra-narrow Fano resonances, super-scattering optical states or purely non-radiating states (see, e.g., the figure below). These findings may open exciting possibilities for bio-chemical sensing, optical tagging/imaging, enhanced nonlinear effects and optical switching, at wavelengths from the mid-infrared to the ultraviolet range.

multiple Fanocloak and resonance

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